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In 2016 California voters passed the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, making it legal to smoke marijuana recreationaly in the state.  Then in January of 2018 recreational sales began in California and  Weed Bus LA opened and geared up for the ride.  
Weed Bus LA quickly became LA's Premier full service cannabis concierge service offering 5 Star Hollywood Celebrity style vacations. Our accommodations include luxury lodging and transportation services with limos and buses up to 50 passengers.
 We offer 5 sensory cannabis grow experiences.  We are the only tour to suit up and walk through the rooms in various stages of the growth process.  Our customers feel the warmth of the lights, inhale the sweet scents of the buds all while capturing  the best pictures and memories...

Weed Bus LA can curate cannabis vacation packages for all travelers from budget to experienced travelers.  Enjoy all we have to offer while meeting great people from all around the world. 




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