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"Very good! Best tour LA! Highly recommend for everyone!"

-Camille Furtado

"Was best part of my trip to LA."

-Dough Shevlin
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"This experience was amazing. The tour guide devin was was so informative and helpful with everything. Would definitely do it again."

-Alicia Francis

Everything was so Freaking Awesome!
You must do this Tour!!
Roland was the best!!😊

-LaDonna Johnson
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Fun Fun

"So much fun the guide saved my life. I got to hang out with friends and smoke. All of the weed all of it."

-Delores D
San Bernardino, CA

It was a great experience and Devon was awesome
"Weed bus tour was a great experience and I highly recommended if you are visiting. Check them out if you are looking for a great time."

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"Such a great experience to explore LA with 420! Our tour visited 3 local spots, great deals and discounts for the tour group. We started with a tasty joint, then delicious vape pens, and a bowl of flower to share courtesy of the host. The Herbarium bus was so cool, smooth ride, cool limo interior, great space and seating. My favorite part was going into the growing rooms and smelling the aroma, I will never forget the smell. Overall great price, deals, and a fun time to explore LA with friendly laughs and smiles! I definitely will check out their $420 deal for 2 hrs for my birthday coming up!!"

-Bob A.
San Diego, CA

 "I had no idea what to expect. It was like Willy Wonka for 420 TOkers!!! Too much fun and learned some cool facts about the growing process. Everybody on my social media are talking about going soon!!"

-Allen A.
Los Angelies, CA
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